Meet Patty

Hi! I’m Patty! I have a passion for helping people and love children. If you are reading this, I am guessing you are a new parent having difficulty at nighttime with your little one. As mother of three, with a degree in Psychology, I have the practical experience and the education to help you develop the perfect sleep training approach for your baby, assuring a well-slept, happy baby and family.
A little more about me…
I was born in Rochester, Michigan. My twin brother, Peter, and I were the last set of twins born to my mother, who had THREE SETS OF TWINS! (Wow!! My mom was and still is a Superstar)!  In fact, one of my siblings is the Red Wings’ own Karen Newman and she’s a twin, too! (See Karen’s Testimonial about how I helped her and her twins!) As you can imagine, it was a loud and raucous household, but my mom knew how to manage it and getting us all to stick to a regular sleep schedule was key. Both personal experience and my mom have been an invaluable resource to me.

At U of M I studied Psychology and focused on Child Development.  Soon after, I had my first son, Jordan, and began my ‘real world’ training. The hands-on experience was quite a bit different than the classroom instruction.  In all, I have three children.  My siblings, with whom I am very close, had another 15!

I recently finished my Master of Arts in Counseling. I am raising my children and helping out with my nieces and nephews as well.  In today’s busy world, it takes an entire family working together to raise a happy baby, and a healthy, well-slept family makes it all so much easier! I truly believe that a well-rested family is a happy family. To that end, I would love to help you guide your baby to learning the best way to get a full night of peaceful sleep every night. Combining the latest research and techniques, my experiences as a mom and my personal background, I will help you get the sleep you need and deserve!


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