Kyle, 14 months

“My 14 month old son Kyle had never slept through the night. He always woke twice during the night and still needed a bottle to go back to sleep. I was at my wits end and thankfully found Patty’s website. After speaking to her... Continue Reading

Fallon, 16 months

Fallon, 16 months We first reached out to Patty when our daughter was 14 months old. Despite our best efforts, our daughter had never slept through the night since coming home from the hospital. We tried so many different things... Continue Reading

Annalise, 5 months

We are so thankful to have reached out to Patty to help us teach our daughter better sleeping habits. We contacted Patty when our daughter was almost 5 months old, and had just gotten over colic and reflux. During the first three months... Continue Reading

Terry, 4 months

At 4 weeks, my baby, Terry, just wasn't sleeping as much as I thought he should be. My pediatrician assured me that he was fine but that wasn't enough for my husband and me because we weren't sleeping... Continue Reading

Sarah, 6 months

“Patty provided so much support during the two weeks that she worked with us. She taught me techniques that actually worked! I gained so much confidence following the sleep plan and using the tools to help my baby... Continue Reading

Kylie & Dylan, 7 months

“When I was four months into getting absolutely no rest, I finally turned to my sister, Patty, waving the long overdue White Flag! I was so relieved to finally be taught actual techniques that really worked... Continue Reading

Jane, 3 months

The purpose of my email is to just say thanks and to celebrate a small success. Jane made starting this very easy. She fell asleep while nursing at 9pm but woke a 1/2 hour later. My husband urged to wait so I did what Patty... Continue Reading