Welcome To Baby Sleep All Night

Does this sound familiar?

Your anxiety level rises as nighttime draws near

You can’t sleep even when your baby is sound asleep

You and your partner can’t agree on how to help your baby settle in for sleep

You are worried that your little one’s lack of sleep is detrimental to his/her development

You find yourself feeling like you are failing

Take a deep inhale and know that sleep struggles affect countless parents around the globe. You don’t have to resort to feeding or holding your baby for sleep. The solution is waiting for you!

Personalized Sleep Training for Your Family

Every family approaches child rearing uniquely, based largely on their child’s temperament and the family’s schedule. Sometimes, however, mom and dad stumble into accidental parenting; doing whatever it takes to get their child to sleep (hold, feed, rock, etc) with no intention of creating a sleep crutch that could last for months, even years! Creating a healthy sleep routine is essential for your baby’s development and overall health, not to mention your family’s sanity too.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to your baby’s sleep. My programs are designed uniquely for you and are based on your family’s dynamics, baby’s age, and your tolerance for crying. And no, it is NOT a Cry-It-Out approach. I am a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant with a masters in counseling. I have been helping families all over the mid-west for over 6 years. And I can help your family too!

How It Works

1. Contact Me

Use this Contact form or Email me at: patty@babysleepallnight.com Don’t delay! Take the first step to getting a full night’s rest.

2. Sleep Planning

After choosing the PROGRAM that fits your family best, I will personalize a unique sleep training approach for your baby. Speaking either in-person or on the phone, we will cover each aspect of your Sleep Plan, so you will know EXACTLY how to sleep train your baby!

3. Follow Up

Once you have started training, I will be available to answer all questions that you may have and will support you every step along the way to reaching your baby’s sleep goals.

4. Happy, healthy, well-rested baby and parents!

Why work with Patty?

I am one of the original Baby Sleep Consultants, and have been in this most necessary field since its onset. I have put my heart and soul into helping families desperate for sleep. There is no better reward than to have repeat families, who return to make sure they create another perfect sleeper. Yes, YOU can be that parent who says…

My child sleeps through the night and takes fabulous naps!

Nicole, mother of Terry (4 months)

What Parents Say

Patty provided so much support during the two weeks that she worked with us. She taught me techniques that actually worked! I gained so much confidence following the sleep plan and using the tools to help my baby go to sleep on her own. Now I actually look forward to the evening with my baby (even after a long day at work!) No more guessing! No more worrying! No more whispering!! My husband and I are so happy we called her. She provided the answers that seemed to hide in all of the baby books we read. Thank you, Patty! – Elise, Mike & Sarah (4 mths)

Can’t believe I waited so long to contact Patty! She helped us chart a course for Fallon…and helped us adjust on the fly as things changed or we encountered roadblocks, like ear infections, teething, crazy mom/dad work schedules, and a sudden (but necessary) move from a crib to a toddler bed. Patty was a patient, reassuring voice who was great about checking in with us and also responding to our questions. She recognized the importance of flexibility where necessary (to help with all those changes!), and helped us understand the importance of establishing a routine, sticking to it, and giving it a chance to work. Andrea, Mike & Fallon (13 mths)

The purpose of my email is to say thanks and to celebrate a small success.  She fell asleep while nursing at 9pm but woke a 1/2 hour later. My husband urged to wait so I did what Patty told me to do which was pat with shush. It worked! She went back to sleep within seconds and stayed that way until 7am!!!! For nap #1 I did the routine after nursing downstairs and only had to shush and pat her back; she was out in less than a minute!!!! There may be a point today when this is more difficult but I feel stronger because of her response so far. Thank you Patty! Susan, Charlie & Jane (3 mths)

Just 3 days after starting Patty’s plan, Maddy is now sleeping through the night without waking up and needing her pacifier given back to her. She is now sleeping 11 ½  hours at night and taking two hour naps during the day! I could not have turned this around without her help.” “I truly believe in her ability and knowledge and would not hesitate to call on her again with my next baby. Lisa, Mark & Maddy (20 mths)