We are so thankful to have reached out to Patty to help us teach our daughter better sleeping habits. We contacted Patty when our daughter was almost 5 months old, and had just gotten over colic and reflux.

During the first three months of life it was was clear she wasn’t comfortable. Constant gas, and heartburn troubled her and she cried all day.

The only thing that calmed her was nursing, constant motion, being held and rhythmic sounds. We paid no attention to worrying about creating bad habits.

We did what we needed to do to survive!

We walked the halls at nauseam, rocked her, cradled her in our arms and waited until she was in a deep sleep to put her into her crib.

After the colic and reflux subsided, we realized we needed help breaking some of these accidental bad habits that we created. When we contacted Patty our daughter was waking up 6-8 times a night seeking our help to get back to sleep.
Patty prepared a plan for us to follow to help her to fall asleep on her own without assistance from me or my husband.

We began with the pick up put down method, and blended that with the graduated extinction method because using only the pick up put down method was not producing results alone due to my daughter’s persistence and fussiness.

At first I had an extremely difficult time allowing her to cry, but using the graduated extinction method, I was able to go into the room and soothe her at the 5 and 10 minute breaks.

Patty also helped us to establish strong bedtime/naptime routines along with a more structured feeding schedule. All of these methods combined and our daughter wakes twice a night in a twelve hour stretch!

She’s much more independent and happy during the day because she is well rested. Patty was wonderful to work with, prepared,and truly cares about her clients. She certainly helped our family in a tremendous way!