For those of us on Daylight Savings Time, March 8, 2015 our clocks will Spring Ahead one hour!

But how do we help our precious little ones, who are sleeping so well and are on such wonderful schedules adjust to losing an hour of their day?

Well, you can choose to go “cold turkey’ and stick to your normal timing, regardless of the lost hour.

And some babies like the Easygoing, Angel babies; will be just fine with this approach.

However, if you are worried that losing an hour will disrupt your perfect schedule, you can begin helping baby adjust, 20 minutes at a time.

Here’s how: Wake your child 20 minutes early on the week before the time change; go through your day adjusting their nap and bedtime, both should be 20 minutes earlier.

Don’t let your child nap for those extra 20 minutes; if they do they may have a hard time falling asleep a little earlier. Continue with the same timing on days 2 and 3. On day 4 wake your child another 20 minutes earlier, adjust naps and bedtime accordingly.

Keep shifting the wake time in the morning every 4th day, adjusting the nap and bedtime. It will take you a week to make the full adjustment. Here is an example of how to adjust the time for a baby with a 7am wake time and 7pm bedtime:

Monday: 6:40am wake time/6:40pm bedtime.

Tuesday: 6:40am wake time/6:40pm bedtime.

Wednesday: 6:40am wake time/6:40pm bedtime.

Thursday: 6:20am wake time/6:20pm bedtime.

Friday: 6:20am wake up/6:20pm bedtime.

Saturday: 6:20am wake up/6:20pm bedtime.

Sunday: 7am wake up/ 7pm bedtime

(This is the day the clocks change.).