We first reached out to Patty when our daughter was 14 months old. Despite our best efforts, our daughter had never slept through the night since coming home from the hospital. We tried so many different things, but even after all that, a “good night” meant that she only got up twice, needing a bottle and rocking each time.

Patty is a lifesaver! She helped us chart a course for Fallon…and helped us adjust on the fly as things changed or we encountered roadblocks, like ear infections, teething, crazy mom/dad work schedules, and a sudden (but necessary) move from a crib to a toddler bed.

Patty was a patient, reassuring voice who was great about checking in with us and also responding to our questions. She recognized the importance of flexibility where necessary (to help with all those changes!), and helped us understand the importance of establishing a routine, sticking to it, and giving it a chance to work.

She worked with us to brainstorm little tweaks to the routine to solve problems too! I never got the impression that Patty has “Plan A, Plan B or Plan C” and everyone is directed into one of the above…she really helped put together something unique and perfect for our little nut!

We now have a kiddo that sleeps about 11 hours a night and takes 1.5 – 3 hours naps daily – I did not think it was even possible! I was exhausted and discouraged by moms I knew telling us to just “let her cry it out – it really works” (not for us!), and then others saying “get used to it – my kids didn’t sleep until they were 3 or 4”. Thank you Patty, for our sanity!