Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sleep problem?

During the first year of life, a baby wakes up frequently during the night.  As you have now learned, this is not a problem.  It is a biological fact. Continue Reading

How can I train my baby to sleep longer?

If your baby has gotten used to you holding her, rocking her, feeding her or using any other sleep crutch in order to go to sleep, then she will need you during normal nighttime stirrings in order to go back to sleep. Continue Reading

How much sleep does my baby require?

Sleep requirements vary depending on the age of the child. Below are the guidelines grouped by age…Continue Reading

How can I tell when my baby is getting tired?

Keeping your baby awake too long can produce the opposite effect.  Your baby will get overtired, over stimulated and have a harder time settling down. Continue Reading

When should my baby be sleeping through the night?

Most babies awaken two to three times a night up to six months, and once or twice a night up to one year; some awaken once a night from one to two years old. Continue Reading

How To Keep Baby’s Nursery Free From Harmful Toxins

Many cribs are made of fiberboard, particleboard, plywood or laminated wood, all of which usually contain formaldehyde, a carcinogen. Continue Reading

Getting To Know Your Newborn

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to understand your newborn’s behaviors? Well, researchers Peter Wolff, Heinz Prechtl and T Berry Brazelton found that newborn babies display characteristic patterns of behaviors… Continue Reading

Baby Sleep & Daylight Savings Time

For those of us on Daylight Savings Time, March 8, 2015 our clocks will Spring Ahead one hour!

But how do we help our precious little ones, who are sleeping so well and are on such wonderful schedules adjust to losing an hour of their day… Continue Reading