Mommy and Baby Sleeping All Night!

I want to thank you again for speaking with me last week regarding my 8 month old daughter.  I am beyond thrilled with the progress we’ve made!  The first night was very difficult and I was up for an hour and a half with her trying to get her back down, but held out and didn’t nurse her until 2:15am.  The next night I nursed her at 2:45am and went in a few times other than that just to lay her back down but it was maybe 5 minutes tops each time.  The third night she didn’t nurse until 5am.   I haven’t nursed her at night since then!  Up until last night I would go in twice on average just to lay her down and immediately leave and she would go right back to sleep.  Last night was amazing!  I put her down at 7:30pm and didn’t hear a peep from her until 6:30am!  I still can’t believe it!  This morning I didn’t put her down for her morning nap until 9:15 which was only 15 minutes shy of 3 hours.  She is doing beautifully!  You are my angel in disguise.  Now I just need to work on my own sleep schedule as my body is so used to waking up multiple times a night, lol!  Thanks again!  I will definitely be recommending you to others who need help with their babes at night.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!