Sleep Consultation Videos ($40)

  •   Receive Patty’s Complete Sleep Consultation on Video
  •   The Sleep Consultation will cover The Sleep Foundation Checklist- the essential elements of successful sleep training
  •   Step-by-Step Sleep Training Approaches age-appropriate for your baby (No Cry-It-Out!)

30-Minute Phone Consultation ($80) 

  •   Schedule a phone call with Patty
  •   Parents will have the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding their baby’s sleep struggles
  •   Patty will give step-by-step, specific and detailed answers to your questions on sleep training and age-appropriate daily schedules

Sleep Consultation Videos with 30-Minute Phone Consultation ($110)

  •  Receive Patty’s Complete Sleep Consultation on Video
  •  Through the Videos parents will learn how to implement the Sleep Foundations and Sleep Training for their baby
  •  After completing the videos,  your 30-Minute Phone Consultation will be scheduled to cover detailed, step-by-step Sleep Training and age-appropriate daily schedules
  • Receive One Month of Unlimited Email follow-up following your phone consultation

In-Home Sleep Consultation ($495)

  •   Prepare for Patty’s Visit by tracking your baby’s days and nights for 3 days
  •   Patty will come to your home for your Customized In-Home Sleep Consultation to work one-on-one with you and your family, showing you hands-on how to Sleep Train your baby (NO Cry-It-Out!)
  •   Receive One Year of Unlimited Email following your Consultation

One Year All Access Pass to Live Email Responses from Patty($200)

  • Receive One Year of Unlimited Email Responses 
  • Patty will personally reply within 24 hours to your inquiry
  • Non-recurring billing-one time payment only

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